Turki Al-Sheikh
source: Egypt Today

Turki Al-Sheikh never really helps himself. Whether he veers into the art or sports scene, he’s always doing something controversial and no one really agrees with him. No matter how much we might dislike the behavior, though, it will never justify the horrible behavior people have shown him online.

You might think we’re exaggerating, but honestly, wait until you see how bad things have gotten.

So, What Happened?

Although we’re still recovering from many sporting events, football fans haven’t really had any breaks.

Many recent changes have taken place, including the resignation of many EFA board members and the announcing of new players and coaches. The last of which is actually the reason everything happened the way it did.

After Al-Ahly hired Rene Weiler for their team manager, Turki Al-Sheikh found that a bit intriguing.

He then posted a video on his personal Facebook account, in which he said he’d dealt with the coach before and hinted at his long unemployment, among other things. Naturally this didn’t mix well with the crowds.

El-Shabab FC
Turki Al-Sheikh’s previous experience with the Swiss coach

Fan Reactions to the Extreme

Given Al-Sheikh’s reputation in Egyptian football, this video was not taken lightly by the fans. No, not just the Ahly fans. Apparently, this the first thing both Ahly and Zamalek fans have agreed on for a while.



Yes, Al-Sheikh may not be the pubic’s most beloved figure of all time. We can see why, given everything that happened. The reactions, though, are more than a little over the top.

You’ve seen the tweets now, but these are actually the lightest, most PG tweets that we could find. This isn’t just about expressing anger or unhappiness, it’s about bullying a person just because you can.

Acceptable Bullying

Sometimes social media has an odd effect on people, particularly the ones who keep an eye on the entertainment and sports worlds.

Those watchers feel like they’re entitled to say anything they want, no matter how offensive. To the point where those working in these fields are more than a little affected.

This doesn’t just lightly cross borders with bullying, it is bullying. This is what happens when you forget that you, as well as everyone else, are a human being whose choices and words can affect those around you.



We’re not saying you don’t have the right to express yourself, but we’re repeating that you shouldn’t cross limits.

Yes, you can be ticked off with Elwani over her comments, but you shouldn’t pin that down to her appearance or womanhood.

Yes, you can be ticked off with Al-Sheikh about the way he treats Egyptian sports fans online, but you shouldn’t turn that into a character-assassination.

Criticize the action, not the person. Even if you need to do the latter, don’t go into things that a person won’t be able to change immediately.