Rawan Bin Hussain

A few days ago, almost every social media platform had nothing to talk about other than the Rawan Bin Hussain cheating fiance scandal; and the theories just keep coming.

Who is Rawan Bin Hussain?

Rawan is a Kuwaiti model/fashionista with 3.3 million followers on Instagram. She currently lives in London, UK and has attended Law School there. She’s also the founder of a Matte Liquid Lipstick brand called House of Rawan.

What happened and why is everyone talking about her?

Basically, Rawan Bin Hussain took to Instagram a couple of days ago, to expose her fiance for cheating on her. Apparently, they were getting married soon.

Some people actually said that the engagement announcement and the identity of the guy were not fully revealed.
A bit suspicious, to be honest.

Anyway, what happened is that Rawan posted a now-deleted series of pictures of her and her fiance on Instagram with the caption:

“My Fiance who’s “apparently” involved in government fraud, cheated on me with an escort this morning. I hope she was worth the memories, the places, the faces, the vows, the love we had since a thousand years, and the heartbreak.”

The series of pictures she posted on Instagram included one of the girl he reportedly cheated with.

Needless to say, hell literally broke loose after the post was published. Thousands and thousands of comments and reactions were posted on social media. So many people were actually supporting Rawan, sending her comfort messages and hating on the fiance. Of course.

However, not long after her first post, she apparently decided to give further details on the story seeing how sympathetic people were. But little did she know she will spark major controversy and turn the tables on herself… 

She then posted a full story on Instagram exposing not only the cheating fiance, but the woman he cheated with, his father, his sisters, and even his friends. Why did she do that? We honestly don’t know!

This is honestly so problematic and not okay on so many levels. Why?

Well, it’s alright if you’re hurt and want to expose your cheating fiance to ease the pain. Or even if you want to expose him for the sake of it.

Actually, this isn’t the first time we hear about a girl exposing her partner online for cheating or doing her wrong. Again, that’s totally fine as long as you’re not merely doing it for attention. But the question is, what was Rawan doing this for?

At first, we thought she’s only doing it for the obvious reasons. With that being said, why on earth would she ever find it okay to expose HIS FAMILY, FRIENDS AND EVEN THE GIRL?

Like what is the point? We understand you want to hurt him but why them? When was it ever okay to put the blame on the women YOUR partners are cheating with? Whoever they are!

Yes, this would be okay if, for example, your friend and your partner are playing you, you could definitely expose them for that, however, that is NOT the case here! Why would she shame the woman and post her pictures online? 

Not just that, she even started comparing herself to the woman, only shaming the fiance for choosing an escort over a lawyer/pilot, not for cheating! What on earth? How are some people supporting her despite that?

That is a point; another is the fact that she posted pictures of his family exposing unnecessary details about their personal lives! Really?

For starters, she posted a picture of his ‘Cocaine addict’ friend. Again, why does anybody need to know that, Rawan? And if it hurts you so bad, why didn’t you leave your fiance if you hate his friends?

And what about his sister? What does the poor person have to do with your nasty fight? Even if she knew some stuff about her brother/your ex-fiance and did not say anything, why are you blaming her?

Most importantly, she said multiple times that her fiance is ‘apparently’ involved in some kind of government fraud. Well, alright. Aren’t you supposed to be the ‘lawyer’ as you claim here? Why are YOU with someone who does government fraud? Apparently, his sister is not the only one who knows about his wrongdoings without saying anything. 

Posting a picture of his father and his LITTLE sister saying that the father actually does NOT know about his son being a fraud did not get you anywhere, did it? So unnecessary and wrong on so many levels.

Rawan ended all of this propaganda by saying that she’s not looking for attention, they are. Um, how the hell?

Finally, why do you guys think she did it? Pain, revenge or just attention? Is it okay to expose the woman and his FAMILY? What did they do to her? Is it okay to shame them for personal issues and ignore the main problem, her cheating fiance? Don’t you think she went too far? 


Honestly, it seems like this whole thing is a publicity stunt! Why?

Well, after this whole madness went down and gained major attention all over the Arab world -Rawan’s followers and beyond- she posted a picture of her and her fiance, with AN APOLOGY! Seriously?

To be honest, we don’t really believe the whole thing, and even if it’s real, her actions are still unjustified!