By: John Samir

Sexologist Dr. Heba Kotb launched an initiative with Child Psychologist Dr. Mahmoud Mahmoud, to introduce sexual education in public schools. The idea was posted in a Facebook poll by El Hekaya page.

At first, critics of the idea stole the show with sarcastic comments and argument that being religious can take care of this whole issue.

sex ed comments

“There is, supposedly, a class that you schedule at the end of the day so students can leave, it’s called religious studies. If you cared about it long ago, more than half of your problems would have already been solved.”

But soon enough when the idea was further explained, supporters started showing up.

sex ed comments

“Before starting a poll about a sensitive topic like this, let people know what will be the core content of this sexual education. Man hates what he doesn’t know. You will find most of the voters thinking that little children will be taught about sexual intercourse! So surely they will say no.”

sex ed comments“Most people who voted ‘No’ probably want kids to learn about sex from porn movies rather than have proper sexual education.”

The “With” Argument

Dr. Mahmoud claims that lack of sexual awareness causes many mental and psychological problems like sexual identity disorder. Dr. Kotb also backed this up by arguing that it is indeed the root of most problems between married couples.

They both promised that the course material will not be taken and taught as it is from other countries but will have to be adapted to our culture. They explained that while this could be the case with academic subjects like physics or chemistry, “life education” should be influenced mainly by the culture.

Sex Ed As a Solution

The initiative aims for this “thing” (they don’t want to be a subject) to be progressive; starting from the age of 3 years old to high school. To give every age group the sexual information it needs, Dr. Mahmoud explained, Sex Ed for 3-6 year olds would teach them about their private parts and what is not to be seen or touched.. etc. And for teens, the harms and benefits of masturbation.

Both doctors recommend this Sex Ed course to be embedded in all school subjects. This way, sexual awareness will be disseminated through biology, history, and also religious studies classes.

People’s Reactions

A large segment of the audience viciously attacked the idea claiming that this will deform children’s morality and teach them about things they are not supposed to know. So far only one third of the votes are with the idea! And as Dr. Mahmoud stated, knowing about a disease doesn’t prevent it, but it certainly helps us treat it.

sex ed comments

“For people who object, teaching this subject will create awareness and not lust as you may think. As all boys and girls at this age already know about it from street language, social media and the internet in general. Teaching this subject correctly will create awareness and develop a mentally fit generation.”


A large portion of the objectors argued that while the idea may seem attractive on paper, it would be a disaster in practice. Just studying the reproductive system as part of the biology curriculum in 8th grade is controversial. Some teachers skip the topic all together, while others explain it explicitly. Girls skip the class, and boys just make fun of it. And although a representative of the Ministry of Education assured that Sex Ed will be provided in the most respectful manner, they still got a point.

Lack of sexual awareness has always been a problem in our society; both genders tend to learn about sex the wrong way. So why don’t we just teach them about it from a young age in a respectful manner? Hopefully some of the myths youngsters have about sex will be debunked.