Dubbed the world’s most popular icon of beauty and sex appeal, Marilyn Monroe was not only an American actress, but also a model and a singer who starred in a number of successful motion pictures during the 50s and 60s. Throughout her all-too-brief life, Marilyn took part in 30 films only, but her legacy remains forever celebrated in the film industry! We now reveal some interesting not-so-common things about Marilyn Monroe’s life:

1.Her Tough Childhood

Monroe had a difficult childhood; she spent most of her time between foster homes until the age of 7 and was raped at 11.

2. Abandoned by the Family

Monroe’s father abandoned her prior to her birth. She grew up not knowing for sure who he really was because her mother had been into several relationships!

3. Unsuccessful Marriages

Monroe got married 3 times; all her marriages ended with a divorce. Her first marriage was to a sheet-metal worker when she was just 16, her second to Joe DiMaggio, a New York Yankees baseball star and her third marriage was to screenwriter and playwright Arthur Miller.

4. Not so Rich!

It’s true that Monroe’s films grossed over $200 million in revenues;  surprisingly she did not even own a house until the last year of her life!

5.  Avid Reader!

Monroe has been a passionate reader! At the time of her death, she owned over four hundred books, and was even photographed reading a book.

6. Mysterious Death

Her death was widely disputed! Some believe that she died of a drug overdose at the age of 36; others argue that her death has been classified as ‘probable suicide’. Her sudden death remains controversial until today.

7. Converting to Judaism

Monroe chose to convert to Judaism to express her love and loyalty to Arthur Miller and his parentsInterestingly, Egypt banned all her films from movie theatres after she became Jewish!

8. Her Relationship with Kennedy

Monroe’s relationships received a lot of coverage from the press! The extent of her relationship with President Kennedy will always remain a question mark, although the White House noted some calls between them.

9. Long Journey with Psychotherapy 

Believe it or not, Monroe was depressed even though she seemed to have everything going for her; the money, the fame and the sex appeal. It was no secret that she used to resort to psychotherapy for help. She used to take Barbiturates, drugs that act as the central nervous system’s depressants.