The media has set a very unrealistic bar to self-image resulting in generations of insecure men and women. Insecurities come in all sorts of weird forms you could possibly think of. Even the most confident people in the world probably have their own set of insecurities; they just manage to hide them better than others. Being hard on yourself will have a negative impact on your outer appearance as well your health. Here is a list of the side effects of insecurities that will make you want to get up right now and conquer them all: 

1- Hair Loss

Feeding yourself negative thoughts leads to emotional stress. One of the unpleasant side effects is hair loss, since the chemicals secreted by the brain during feeling down influence the hair cycle and diminish the cell generation.

2- Age Faster

All the weight you carry on your shoulder will end up making you look older than you actually are.

3- Lack of Style

You tend to hide your body with clothes that are a size or two larger than your actual size. You tend to avoid wearing anything too flashy or flattering so you won’t grab attention. Step out of your comfort zone and wear whatever you want. You most definitely look so much better than you think.

4- Scare Others Away

Looking like a complete hobo all the time will make others shy away from getting into contact with you. Drop that shield and be open to meeting new people.

5- Pave Ways to Eating Disorders

The negativity will work its way to some kind of eating disorder like bulimia or anorexia. Don’t allow yourself to reach that stage without seeking help. You’re depriving your body from its basic nutrients.

6- Higher Risk of Cardiac Diseases

Haven’t you heard about people dying from sadness? Well, all the unbearable shame and hatefulness you feel towards yourself will put you at a higher risk of getting some kind of cardiac disease. The stress of constant worrying will lead to high blood pressure which could result in heart diseases on the long run.

‘Changing the way you talk to yourself will drastically change the way you feel about yourself.’ Embrace your insecurities and twist it around. Set them as stepping stones to accomplish what you’re capable of doing. Change is how you will grow out of your bubble.