Walking in our Egyptian streets can be one of the most daunting experiences ever. How can we enjoy walking on dull streets that lack entertainment and beautiful scenery? But since it’s the age of change and positivity, why not make walking on the street a daily ritual? Here are 8 things our Egyptian streets are missing:

1- Street Performers

We are used to seeing plenty of sha7ateen on the streets, but why don’t we ever see a street performer? Something to ponder upon, take your instrument and perform!

2- Public Restrooms

To combat the foul phenomenon of public urination, we are in dire need of public restrooms.

3- Garbage Bins

Piles upon piles of rubbish. Take the initiative to collect money and buy a container for your street or province. Lessen the amount of waste found on the streets.

4- Cycling Lanes

You want to get your cardio game on, but you probably have nowhere to ride your bike. Unless it’s a Friday morning, you’re good to go.

5- Greenery 

Beautiful scenery is almost non-existent; the concrete forest is taking over. We’re simply forgetting about the beauty and importance of nature. We demand public parks in every neighborhood.

6- Ripe Markets

It’s a growing platform that is not very well-known yet, even though markets like Bab Al Louk have been long engraved in Old Cairo’s architecture.

7- Lanes

White dotted lines are equivalent to floor graffiti in the eyes of most drivers in Egypt. On some other streets, we don’t even have lanes. It is time to stay between the lines people.

8- Benches

We will need benches once we have parks. How else are we going to admire the view or even take a break while cycling?

Smile while walking down the streets; it will either brighten someone’s day or make them think you’re a lunatic. In all cases, it’s a positive connotation.