Have you ever wondered if you spent enough time with your family? We often get distracted by the trivial things in life and realize too late that our children have grown up. Bonding with your family shouldn’t feel like a chore. It’s all about sparing an hour a day to get together and recap your day.


There’s nothing more exciting than planning a trip together, whether it’s abroad or right across the borders. Take some time off, break your usual routine and make new memories by planning ahead and making sure that everyone is free. This will help build a sense of belonging and inner security within the family.

Breakfast on Fridays

It’s nice to do something different for a change like making breakfast every weekend, and we’re talking about our traditional Egyptian platters- foul, eggs, ta’meya, cheeses and bread. Some people I know take their parents out for breakfast whether it’s at Paul, Olivo, Qahwa or even Zooba. Spending a day out together just for breakfast is enough to create a beautiful bonding experience.

Weekly Movie Night

It doesn’t have to be scheduled. But finding time to watch TV together is one of the easiest things to do with your family. Watch a movie that’s already playing, pick out a film to watch or even go to the cinema together. This would give you a great opportunity to discuss the movie afterwards, listen to each other’s point of views and share your feedback.

Family Dinner

Given the different working hours, it might be difficult to find a common hour where everyone could sit around the table and have dinner together. We find ourselves eating in front of our computers or having lunch at our workplace instead. Consider having a proper sit-down with your family and remember that nothing comes without effort. Family dinners are the easiest way to find an excuse to talk and reflect on the day.

Share Stories

You can bond with your family in many ways. Who doesn’t love family history stories? Stories about grandparents, the generation gap is so great that there will be a lot of exciting scenarios and tales that would surprise you. Take this opportunity to share business stories, teach your teenage kids about the real world. How you overcame your struggles, and how they can become successful businessmen. How they can turn their passion and hobbies into a fulltime job. Sharing stories is not just a bonding experience, but is also a way to give perspective and depths to their current lives.

Help With Chores

For those who are used to getting whatever they want without lifting a finger, this is the time to change your way of life and start taking responsibility. This is an opportunity to either learn or lift some of the weight off your parents’ shoulders. Use this as an opportunity to bond with your parents or kids by sharing responsibilities.

Take Advantage of Family Events

Make it a family tradition to celebrate any kind of event together. Sometimes you realize that you unconsciously prioritize going out with friends instead of spending time with your family. Why not arrange a special occasion for your son or daughter’s birthday? The size of the event could vary depending on who you want to invite. You can even make plans with your friends afterwards. The sky is the limit on how you can organize this.

Show Affection & Appreciation

Sometimes we take the littlest things for granted and we expect the other person to know how we feel. Be involved and show interest in your parents’ or kids’ lives. Tell your children every once in a while what goodness you have noticed and praise them for it. Appreciation is the key!

Accept Each Other’s Differences

Respect each other’s differences and interests, this will allow your family members to build self-confidence. Your support has to come in full swing because no one else will ever be able to provide the same encouragement. Don’t taunt your parents or pressure your kids to be like you. Let them be and love them for who they are. This will create a positive vibe within the family, ultimately leading to more quality time together.

Board Games

There are tons of games you can enjoy with your family like Pictionary, Scrabble, Autobus Complet, Monopoly, card games like Estimation, Jacks or even Tarneeb. Divide the family into teams and practice teamwork skills, this will allow you to have a healthy competition. These games will definitely bring lots of laughter and will surely add positive points to the whole family-bonding experience.

You’re only young for a limited time. Be there for each other’s milestones, share memories, develop ties and pass down these family traditions and values to the next generation. There’s nothing more important than family unity.