The world might be a cold and dark place at times, but we still haven’t lost faith in humanity. There are always heroes in all corners of the earth who are ready and willing to help those in need. Below are a few examples:

1- #illridewithyou Campaign

This campaign was created to help Muslim commuters feel safe in the wake of the Sydney siege, as those with humanity still found in them, understood that not all Muslims were held to blame for what a rotten bunch had done.


2- Tattoo Artist

This story touched us to our core. An artist at a tattoo parlor in Hamilton, New Zealand by the name of “Muscle and Ink” had a lady with Down’s Syndrome who would come in every Friday so that he would give her a fake tattoo. He would make her feel special and was very professional about it. He would put on gloves, use spray and all. Good on you, world.


3- Egyptian Knowledge

This lovely young woman would take precious time out of her day every morning to teach a street boy how to read and write. She meets him every day on her way out of the tube station where he sells goods on the street.


4- Team Refugee

We, here at identity, had our faith in humanity restored when a team under the name of “Team Refugee” was allowed to participate in the Rio 2016 Olympics. Watching them take part in the international sporting event sent warm shivers down our spines and lit up our shattered souls. For a second, we didn’t have to weep for them.

team refugee

5- Michigan Soccer Team

The Michigan soccer team came together to give their team manager, Greg Zenas, who has Down’s Syndrome a chance to start one of their scheduled soccer games.


There you have it. Minor incidents with a huge impact prove that this world doesn’t have to be such a cruel and lonely place. You’ve got us.