By Fatma Shama

The way to success is never smooth and you have to go through seriously A LOT to reach that “dream job” you have been eyeing for a while, but there are some tips that can help you get where you want to go and make that road a little bit smoother.

  1. Read more.

There are many books out there that can help you stay motivated. These books won’t only help you succeed in your career but will also give you beneficial, general advice that can apply in your daily life. One of the famous recommendations would be “What is stopping you?” by Robert Kelsey. This book will help you overcome all your career related fears.

  1. Have a plan.

As cliché as it may sound but we all know that time is money. Having a plan will always prevent wasting both time and money. A great tip is to always watch the clock, just be on time. That will show your punctuality from the very first impression. This also includes making a to-do list that will help you stay focused on what you want to accomplish. Remember to do one simple task at a time to avoid stress.

  1. Be special

You need to know that sooner or later, you will have to deal with rejection. There will always be someone telling you “No, you aren’t going anywhere with your career.” Don’t listen to them, just think out of the box in order to be recognizable and successful. Try to identify which skills are in demand and learn them, that way you will have an edge over other candidates in your field and will be more likely to get that job opening or promotion.


  1. Stay inspired

What inspires others may not apply for you, so you have to find where your inspiration comes from and surround yourself in it! Maybe having a pet, reading history books or even enjoying an outing with your childhood best friends are all different ways to get that GLOWING passion back.

  1. Stay on track

The main tip is to never settle. Develop. There’re always new things to learn, new places to explore and new successes to achieve. One day, you will reach “your success” but that won’t be the end. You have to wake up every day aiming to bring your career to the next level and believing you can do it.