By: Pakinam Ahmed

In a world that keeps slapping us every so often, we have to find the will and mental strength not to lose our balance and keep moving on the right track.

Sometimes in life, you will find that not all external forces are in your favor and that everything you hoped for didn’t turn out as planned. It’s at this critical and crucial moment that you need to toughen up and despite all odds, be optimistic and positive. How you react during these moments will determine the way your destiny will be shaped.

Here are some ways to help you get through your negative moments in life. Some of them might seem obvious and some might not. At the end, all are of equal importance.

#1 Find your positive niche
Be mindful of who you spend your time with. Create a positive environment and surround yourself with friends who love you dearly, understand you and lift you up in hard times. Be careful, and cut out people, who by instinct, spread negative vibes. Unmindfully, they might be tearing you down without you even realizing it.

#2 I call it “the bright side”
In every failure you encounter and in every downfall, there is always something new to absorb and learn, even if it seems to be dormant and out of sight. Change your mindset and make yourself accustomed to find the good in the bad because actually, good is in abundance, we just can’t get the negative out of the way.

#3 Change your perspective
Events are what we interpret them. It’s how we perceive those events that determine their influence on our lives. Next time you feel heavy going to the gym, think about how exercising will do you good on the long run.

#4 Don’t signify events
Stop over dramatizing trivial matters. Just stick to the facts, and try to ignore your own wild thoughts that drag you down.

#5 Be grateful
Count your blessings, not your troubles. Gratitude is the key.

#6 Don’t listen to people’s nonsense and blabbering
Most of the time, people just talk without weighing the significance and the importance of what they say. They just speak for the mere purpose of speaking.

#7 Set the right expectations
Not getting what you expect could hurt you sometimes. Be reasonable when setting your expectations.

#8 Realize that pessimism won’t change anything
There is no time to waste on wallowing and creating imaginary scenarios, 99% of which might not happen in the first place.

Celebrate your failures and filter life through a positive lens. That’s all what you need to know.