Well, it feels confusing! Especially when every one of your friends is in an entirely different phase of their lives. You’re not young anymore, but you’re still not totally old (Yes, a girl in her mid 20’s isn’t quite a grown up yet). So, you end up not having the luxury to mess up because you’re an adult, but at the same time you’re not entirely free to do whatever the hell you want either.

#Every single one of your friend is in a different phase

When you’re in you’re twenties you’ll have a friend who’s still figuring out what she wants out of life, another friend who’s kicking a** in her career, one who’s still dating a guy she’s interested in, another married with two babies and one who’s living the life – travelling everywhere and being present in all the hot spots. You should consider yourself lucky if you find some of your friends in the same phase as you are.


#You start paying attention to wrinkles

Unfortunately, you start noticing wrinkles and even white hairs. You start exploring anti-aging face creams.


#Growing apart from some friends and acquaintances

yes unfortunately life pulls us apart. Some girls get married and get swamped with life and kids, others move to other countries, and some are busy with their careers twenty four seven.

#You start appreciating staying at home rather than partying/going out

Life has become so hectic and demanding for most of us so we start appreciating the days off to stay at home rather than go out. You also grew out of the places where you used to hang out, or most of them anyway. They’re too crowded with people which you consider “under-age” already.


#You’re under peer family/relatives pressure

And sometimes you’re under pressure from your friends as well. Your besties who are getting married or who already are will keep trying to set you up on dates, even blind dates, because hello you’re getting closer to the 30’s and God forbid you reach your 30’s single in Egypt *LAME*!

If you’re married they’ll keep pressuring you to get pregnant, and if you have one child they’ll push you to have the second. Let alone pressuring you about your career if you still haven’t figured it out, because come on you’re in your mid 20’s and expected to have it all figured out.

#The man of your dreams is now different

Your perception of relationships has changed a lot from your teen years and early twenties. While you used to find the playboy/cool kind of guy sexy, now you get attracted to guys you can feel comfortable around and secure with.

#You start turning into your mum

No matter which stage of life you’re in, if you’re in your mid-twenties, you start understanding things your mum used to do and you actually start turning into her. Whether you’re married with children or solely focused on your career, you start understanding and appreciating things she used to tell you and do for you and start catching yourself doing or saying the same things.

#You don’t want your twenties to end

Last but not least, you start fearing hitting thirty. It still feels like yesterday was your 20th birthday.


Enjoy your twenties while it lasts and don’t dread finishing it because every stage has its own beauty. Enjoy the good part of being in your twenties and learn how to deal with the not-so-good part about it, but most importantly, don’t forget to live.