In the Arab world, we are all subjects of social norms that we just HAVE to purge ourselves from. From “msh hatfara7eena beeki ya habebti” to “el ragel may3ayatsh“; these silly little stereotypes  shouldn’t still define us!

Finishing Your Plate When Invited At Someone’s House

Makalteesh ya habebti“, I don’t want toooooo…….

That Men Serve Superiority

El bent leeha beitha w GOZHA“. What about her career? Her social life? Herself? Leih gozha?

All Your Music Sucks

if it’s not Om Kalthoum or Abdelhalim then we have no taste. We’ve only just evolved..

Privacy Invasion

The door is closed for a reason!

Do As I Say, Not As I Do

If you do as I do, I will judge you and make your life hell 🙂

Rejecting An Offer the First Time

La wenaby khalyy“, you’re gonna take it anyway..

No Personal Space

Please stop touching me. I don’t even know you that well.

Not Smoking In Front of Your Dad

Whatever happens, no matter how old you get or how successful you become, it will never be acceptable to smoke in front of your father.

Boys Don’t Cry

When he’s 7, I think it’s okay..

Getting Married

Msh hanefrah beeki ba2a ya habebti?”, do I have to be married for you to be proud of me or happy for me????

So many things we just don’t understand!