With August getting started, this brings us closer to the time of the year when Muslims perform their annual ‘Hajj’ rituals. Hajj season occurs from the 8th to 12th of Dhu al-Hijjah which unluckily coincides with the last days of August this year, making it a bit hotter and a bit harder for Hajj pilgrims; hence we’re keeping you posted with tips, Do’s and Don’ts and things not to forget during your most holy performance of the year!


Before you leave, remember the basics

  1. Go all extra

Make sure you have extra photocopies of your passport, official documents as well as extra photos. You never know what you might lose in your trip.

  1. Work on your cardio

Get yourself used to walking long distances for a month or preferably even more before you travel. You will have to walk for hours, and if you’re not used to it, you might face some major health issues there.

  1. Keep an eye on your diet

Maintain a healthy diet before you travel, and make sure you’re used to surviving on energy bars and light food.

  1. Know by heart every step of Hajj rituals beforehand

Why? So you won’t waste your time there learning about it.

How? You can ask others who’ve been there before, and you can also read “Kitabul Hajj” by Maulana M.S Banoo. He guides pilgrims through each and every step of the process.

  1. Listen to your body!

Regulate your sleep pattern; as in sleeping and waking up really early. Give yourself some rest. No need for heavy exercise, long trips or unnecessary mental stress before Hajj.


  • Pack less, suffer way less!

Keep your bags as light as you can to ease the very long distance walks.

  • Make sure to bring along energy bars and fruits

Dates are so recommended, the most energizing fruit of all!-

  • *Zamzam water alert*

Grab empty water bottles with you to Haram so you can fill them from Zamzam and take them back to your hotel room. You’ll also need to take a lot of Zamzam back home; it would serve as a gift that costs you nothing.

Things you CAN’T forget!

  • Sunglasses, hat or cap, and a wet towel to place under your cap to protect you from heat exhaustion and sunstrokes
  • Plenty of toilet paper, disposable toilet seat covers, and your inseparable travel friend, your FRESHBUZZ
  • And because the new little inventions never fail us, you can now grab your air-conditioned umbrella from a famous electronics store in Saudi called ‘Saco’. It will cost you 150 SR, the equivalent of approximately one thousand Egyptian pounds, which is reasonable considering the cool breeze it will give you in the sizzling heat
  • Be KIND, HELPFUL and SUPPORTIVE whenever a chance comes by! Remember that’s what it is all about!

In Hajj, you’ll find a lot of elderly people whom you can offer to carry their luggage, physically exhausted kids whom you can joke or play with for 5 minutes, and pregnant women who have to endure all the challenges that come with pregnancy in addition to the physically demanding Hajj rituals.


Post Hajj Rituals

  • Time to grab some souvenirs as well as gifts for friends and family back home from your most holy trip. You can get scarves, prayer mats, etc.
  • Communicate and share your experience back home with relatives, friends, and acquaintances regarding tips and tricks on how to make their hajj experiences easier, more prosperous, enlightening and enjoyable!

Wishing all pilgrims a blessed Hajj!


By: Shorouk Ibrahim