Midterms are upon us! And in the midst of all the coffee-filled all-nighters and the endless cram sessions, we find ourselves calling out for help wherever we can get it. Fear not, sleep deprived students! Help is here! And it just so happens to be in the palm of your hands in the form of an application on your phone or a website you can access. Here is a list of all the apps and websites that will arm you against midterm stress and pave your way to success!

1- iStudiez Pro

ios_heroThis app is your electronic life line! You can log in your class schedule, your assignments, along with exams and where your classes are. And the great thing is, iStudiez Pro is available on both the Mac app store and the iPhone app store. If you happen not to have your laptop on hand, you can just access the application on your phone and receive notifications to all your exams, assignments and classes so that you’re never late!

For Android users: check out Grades Student Organizer as a similar alternative.

2- EasyBib


You’ve probably already heard of this site. Easybib.com allows you to generate citations in MLA, APA and Chicago Style which streamlines the whole process of citing sources when writing essays. Easy Bib simply formats the citation to the correct format, easy as pie! What is also really cool is the application which allows you to scan a book’s barcode to generate a citation, which means you don’t have to worry about typing anything!

Easybib is available online and on both iPhone and Android.

3- Dropbox

Ever showed up to class only to realize you forgot to bring that crucial 10-page essay? Or had to search through a slew of emails before you could find the document you’ve been looking for? Don’t you wish you could just access your files wherever you are? Well, Dropbox allows you to do just that!

dropboxInstead of sending yourself countless emails of all the documents you need, Dropbox gives you access to these document from anywhere. By uploading the files to Dropbox.com, you can have them available should you access another computer. It also comes with a desktop application available for both Windows and Mac users. So, all you have to do is drag and drop the files onto the application to have your documents synced on your Dropbox account. It is also available on iPhone and Android.

4- Self-Control

midtermsHow much time have you spent on Facebook or 9gag, while “studying”? Self-Control is a Mac application that allows you to block your access to distracting websites. All you have to do is set a particular time period and then you can block the website for that time frame so you transform procrastination to progress!

For Android users: check out StayFocusd on Google Chrome extension as a similar alternative.

5- Cam-Scanner

midtermsThis app is a life saver. When you don’t have a scanner on hand and don’t want to flood your camera roll with photos of notes, Cam-Scanner turns your phone or tablet into a scanner. What makes this app so great is that it can convert the photos you take into PDFs. You will never need to waste any more time at the library scanner to get those exam notes! 

We hope these apps can help you get through the torturous midterm week and finals week as well. If not, be sure to stock up on coffee to help with those awful all-nighters!