Depression is a commonly used term, that many people know minimal information about yet use a lot. Being depressed has nothing to do with being sad, it is basically feeling anxious most of the time, and there might not be a valid reason for that.

In order to help all people with depression, every single person needs to know the dos and don’ts of how to treat depressed people.

#1: Be There

Being there for that person is essential because feeling like you have someone to talk to keeps them going. If you are always there for your depressed friend/family member, you will make their lives more peaceful. Because now they know they have someone to talk to.

#2: Reassure

You need to give them any type of reassurance. Make them feel like it is perfectly fine for them to talk about their problems all day. Make them feel comfortable in their own skin. Ensure that they know that you would never judge them or mistreat them for any reason.

#3: Don’t Compare

Never compare their situation with yours, unless you’ve been through depression yourself. Comparing situations and cases is very annoying because it is as if you are saying that their problem is either very common or not of that importance.

#4: Listen Without Giving Solutions

It becomes very annoying when you start giving out solutions to their problems or any advice in that matter. They might feel insulted and start detaching once again. Try to ask them about what they wish you’d do to help them, or whether they just need you to listen and be there.

#5: Praise

If you feel like they’ve been doing any progress, then praise them. All the small gestures and nice words might seem small to you, but they truly mean a lot to them. Don’t underestimate the power of nice words/gestures, because they can change people’s worlds.

#6: Be Patient

It might take a lot of time for them to get better; they might even relapse but that is okay. You need to be patient and try to understand the pain they are going through. Because their problem wouldn’t be solved overnight.

#7: Don’t Underestimate their Pain

One of the worst things one can do is to underestimate people’s pain. Quit the thinking of assuming that your problem is bigger than anyone’s and try to put yourself in their shoes.

#8: Don’t Pressure them to Be Positive

Being positive is great, but pressuring them to be so is not what is going to help them get through this. You need to give them their excuses when they are being negative, and you need to accept it as well. Make them feel comfortable even when they are being negative.

#9: Advise them to See a Professional

If you believe that they need professional help, then advise them to do so. Encourage this idea and tell them how it is perfectly fine to see a doctor and there is no shame in that. Help them through the process, by either getting them contacts or accompanying them to the doctor visits.

Depression is just like any other psychological disease that can be cured, only if the people around the person suffering are very understanding and supportive.