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Let’s take a look around us. People are changing and things are moving forwards much more quickly than before. Tourism, for example, has changed almost entirely these past few years.

We see a number of influencer tourists and travel bloggers when visiting any touristic site, always with cameras everywhere. You might find them annoying and you might not, but in the end, we can’t deny their existence. We can discuss it, though.

Are Influencers Even That Influencing?

When Minister Rania Al-Mashatย said that she intends on changing Egypt’s image to make it more appealing, not many would have expected influencers to be part of the big plan.

To many, travel bloggers don’t even do anything. They’re just people who have had the world smile in their faces, which was okay with everyone else until they started popping up in areas where they didn’t belong.

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Some don’t think being an online personality gives people the right to transition into acting, so you can imagine what ran inside their heads when they discovered influencers and travel bloggers are now part of a Re-branded Egypt campaign.

Some think that using travel bloggers for campaigns like these actually makes the campaign inauthentic. Why not use everyday people in everyday sites? That might be more natural, they think.

Do bloggers even have that much power? What about when Instagram removes the number of likes? What happens to the campaign then?

Forbes Has Another Say, Though

Although the anti-influencer opinion might sound more legit, it’s been proven by Forbes Magazine that Instagram is one of the most influential social media networks used by prospective travelers.

It kind of makes sense too, if you think about it. After all, if you do want to travel, you’re going to take the opinion of a person who has actuallyย gone to the place you’re headed to.

Bloggers also have the advantage of telling you all that a travel agency might not. They’ll show you all the great shopping spots and where to go on a good day.

Bloggers and online personalities will know more about that since they’re semi-close to normal travelers, a real blessing in disguise.

Should We Rely on Influencers, Though?

At the end of the day, we cannot force you to make a choice based on what we say.

You might read sources upon sources that mention the benefits of travel bloggers to travel and tourism and you might still not agree, or vice-versa.

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What we can say, though, is that this is a new chapter for Egypt because younger people are being let in. They’re being asked to help out in building their futures and that was one thing we’ve all wanted.

Sure, maybe we need to diversify the mix coming through, but at the same time, a small step like this is a step we can’t ignore.

If you have a different opinion, share it with us. It’s an open dialogue, after all.