Amid this Coronavirus outbreak and with everyone basically in quarantine, we see all kinds of positive posts and articles on social media asking us to use of this obligatory break as a chance to change our lives for the better.

Calling out for everyone to be positive and to think of this as the right time to start improving their lives. Here’s why we think this is plain toxic positivity!

Not a break, It’s a lockdown

You know when you’ve finally taken a well-deserved break from school or work and feel it’s high time for turning the party-mode on? Well, this is not the situation here.

People are forced to be under lockdown for their own safety. At this point, it’s an obligation, not a privilege. So, we can’t just expect over-the-top positivity from everyone.

Mental Health Challenge

Psychologists claim that at times of world crises like war, economic depression and pandemics, any normal human being is at grave danger of mental disease.

Now, imagine people who were already suffering with anxiety, depression or any kind of mental or psychological issue. They are being 10 times more challenged and probably the last thing they need is someone life-coaching them about putting on a happy face!

Staying in doesn’t equal strength

On the contrary, being locked inside for long periods will probably have negative effects on your body and hence your productivity levels. So, we shouldn’t expect people to be super extra productive during the quarantine. Not all of them, at least.

Finally, we’re not saying you should give in to the laziness, panic and depression that might come with living in the time of a pandemic. But, we’re definitely saying how you don’t need the extra societal pressure of being at the top of your game right now!