In a country where Amina and Si El Sayed are considered a love story, it is only fair that we address the issue and express our disdain towards the phenomenon that has been embedded in our society and culture through the years. Here are 6 things we want to say to every “Si El-Sayed” in our world today.

1. You don’t own us

Listen you little man, we are not objects that you can own, play with or boss around. We are humans, even better, we are women and we refuse to be just one of your many toys!

2. Your parents did a terrible job raising you

Let’s get one thing straight, most of the principles you learn are usually passed down to you from your parents, and just because your momma raised you to be a spoilt brat who can get and do whatever you want doesn’t mean that we have to put up with your terrible upbringing.

3. The last time the “Si El-Sayed” behavior was acceptable was when you were 7 years

We all know that you are used to getting what you want, but we’re all grown ups now. You can’t just lie on the floor, cry and expect things to happen just because you want them to.

4. Because of you, we mastered the art of lying

We never really used to lie before we met your kind but thanks to you, we can now lie without it being a big deal. And don’t get us wrong, it’s not because we’re doing anything wrong that we feel we need to hide. It’s just because we respect and need our self space and we don’t feel the need to go by your rules all the time.

5. You’re slowly losing us

You have to understand that there is a limit to what every person can endure, and you’re slowly reaching that limit. No girl in her right mind would be able to stand your restrictions, rules and attitude for long. We were born in the 21st century and we will stop at nothing to be treated as equals.

6. You realize you are insecure, right?

The gazillion times you told us that you were acting this way because you love us and care about us don’t mean a thing. Deep down, we know that you are insecure. You try to control everything and everyone around you in hopes that we won’t see your true colors, but let me tell you, we can see right through you.

So, what do you think? have we covered all there is to say? Tell us what you want to say to Si El-Sayed in the comments below!