We live in the virtual age of texting and WhatsApp. No longer do we need to place a call to communicate with others! All we have to do nowadays is type out the appropriate text and follow it with the right emoji to express how we feel. Emojis in Egypt tend to have a different meaning and we here, at Identity, felt the need to list some of the most popular ones and what they REALLY mean bel 3arabi! 

1- Yadeeeny! 

The laughing cry is the emoji we use for everything. You can send it after a joke, but also lama tekoon 7ases en enta 3ayez ted7ak w t3yat f nfs el w2t! No one feels this way as frequently as us Egyptians!persons-0023_large


2- Lololololololyyy!!!

Luckily, the developers of emojis have found a way to help you rin bel za3’routa with the red dancing lady emoji. Now, if you want to congratulate anyone for just about anything, you’re prepared! persons-0126_large

3- Ah 3al 7asra!

Just because we’re typically happy people, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t moments where we feel like we want to cry. For those nekadii moments, the crying emoji is our favorite. persons-0024_large



4- 3aaaash!

There has been no emoji more appropriate than the flexed arm to express what we want to say to our forma friends! Law raye7 mel gym aw gaii mel gym, this emoji works both ways!persons-0123_large



5- Yallahwii!!!

Sometimes, you need to express surprise at a given situation. What better way to do that than with this emoji elii 7ata edha 3ala dema3’aha. Now, all we need is one 7ata edha 3ala 5adaha and we’re all set.


6- Argook/ Atawasal elleyk/ El7/ Shokran

This one has multi-functions; it’s actually four emoji’s wrapped in one. With this 2 hands emoji, you can ask, beg, thank someone or thank God all at once! If this isn’t on your recently used emoji board, you better make sure it is. It quite possibly is the best.


7- This one

This one doesn’t require much explanation. This particular emoji is used when you’re having a reaaaally bad day, and want to make sure the person on the other end understands how bad it’s going.


8- 2na msh 3aref/a 22ol eih. 

For those awkward moments where you really don’t know what to say, but you still want to say something nice.


9- 2na cute!

Sometimes, we like to nedala3 3ala 2s7abna. What better way to convey that than a cute monkey who looks like all kinds of maksoof?


10- 2ywa ba2a, wal3a 😉

Those ones are for the times when you want to wink at your friends or praise them for asking that girl/guy out. They’re supportive emojis with a lot of flirtatious meanings!

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 10.55.07 AM

11-  7bebtii/7beebii <3!!

In the land where every girl is your 7abebti and every guy is your 7abeebi, this emoji was created to convey your love for a person you don’t really love.


12- Mooto B 3’ezko! 

For those who love to show off, you can now put down kol elii bey7qedo 3aleykii with this emoji! Entii 7elwa w te3ma w beyda w eshta! 😀


13- 2na 2lasht gamed. 

Being Egyptian, sometimes it happens that not all our jokes are funny. For those moments lama el effeh ye2lesh menak, use this emoji! It won’t make the joke any better, but it might help!

With all these emojis, face to face communication has become a thing of the past! If only they had an emoji for ma7shi war2 3enab! Now, there’s an Emoji every Egyptian needs!