We grew up watching these child actors star alongside renowned celebrities. Their movies and mosalsalat are some of the industry’s trademarks which we grew up watching and enjoying!

1- Shady Khafaga


We all remember this kid from Karim Abdelaziz’s “Abu Ali”. Today, he’s rocking curly hair and a nice scruff.

2- Menna Arafa

Well, someone aged gracefully. Still can’t picture the girl from “Matab Sena3y” at this age.


3- Belya

You probably still remember her from Amr Diab’s movie “3afareet”. Here she’s all grown up.


4- Ahmed Fara7at

He hasn’t changed a bit since “Ser Ta2eyet El 2e5fa”, still with that iconic expression of surprise.


5- Maha 3amar

That girl from “7arameya fee KG 2” isn’t in KG2 anymore. Cute at 8, slayin’ at 18.


6- Youssef Othman

You can still watch that cute kid from “Ba7eb el Sima” in Yehia El Fahkharani’s “Yetraba f 3ezo”.


7- Ahmed 3aql

Yikes! What happened here? Our Egyptian Harry Potter grew to be a not so magical director of TV commercials.

شاهدوا-كيف-أصبحت-أشكال-أبطال-فيلم-العفاريت-بعد-25-عاماً-على-عرضه..لن-تتعرفوا-عليهم-1363979It’s hard to see them all grown up! But at least we’ll remember them for all the great films they starred in.