You tend to get bored with fancy dinners and typical movie dates. It’s been the norm for way too long. Try to keep the start of your relationship exciting, especially since these traditional types of dates have also gotten pretty pricey ba3d el dollar. Here are 8 fun and original places to go on a date while on a budget:

1- Nazlet El Seman


Photo Credit @yasminekenawi

Getting there is an adventure on its own. Just imagine horseback riding with the pyramids in the horizon. Pack light snacks and once you’re done with your activities, you can enjoy your picnic in the desert surrounded by one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world.

2- Downtown Bar Hopping


Downtown is always adventurous to explore. It gives you the vintage vibes wherever you go. Bars are as old as Cairo itself. Knock down a beer at each bar, they’re infinite.

3- Darb 1718


There is always something new happening at Darb 1718. If you don’t already know it, it’s a contemporary art and culture center. Check out their Instagram page, @darb1718 , to find an event which interests the both of you.

4- Mokattam at Sunset


This one is quite a surprise because of the stereotype of ‘masna3 el karasy’, but in fact it’s beyond beautiful watching the sun set over Cairo and watch the whole city light up afterwards.

5- Felouka Ride


Law mashrebtsh min nilha, you can take a felouka f nilha. Make sure you check the weather that day, you want it to be breezy. If it’s too hot or too cold, you won’t be able to enjoy the ride as much. You can try to be Jack and Rose, but you will probably just fall into the water instead.

6- Alexandria by Train


We don’t really take much advantage of Alexandria and its one of a kind experience. Time to roam around. This is a bit hectic, but you will have so many stories to tell. Trains run from 8:15 am up until 6 pm. Lunch by the sea and probably visit a couple of other places, then head back.

7- Bowling


You’re never too old for bowling. If you enjoy competing, this is for you. (Bounce Bowling, Maadi)

Always bear in mind what the word KISS’ stands for: Keep It Sweet and Simple!