Every year the buzz in Sahel gets stronger with new places, cafes and clubs opening up. People do still flock over to whatever’s hot at the time, but now many seem to think it’s just not worth the hassle. Here are some reasons why we think Sahel has become unbearable:

1. Horrible Music

Seriously, how many times can we listen to Decpacito? We get it, it’s catchy but now it’s just getting plain annoying. Kefaya. Not to mention all the other horrible music that plays over and over again.

2. Insane Prices

Going out in Sahel now costs a mini fortune. Like a can of Red Bull costs around 80 LE. Why?! I’m sorry, I love my Red Bull and I can get it for 30 LE at the supermarket so why would I pay 80 LE for it?! 7aram. Imagine if an energy drink costs this much, then how much would everything else cost.

3. Jellyfish!

The whole point of going to the beach is to go swimming! So if we won’t be able to go swimming then what’s the point? Which kind brings us to our next point.

4. Posers at the Beach

What we mean by posers here are people who just go to the beach to show off. They have no intention of even going into the water, that’s so last year. Now it’s all about who has the best designer bag, swimwear and hot summer body. This goes for both girls and guys.

5. The Humidity!

Talzee2!! That’s the perfect word to describe Sahel weather. The kind of weather that makes you start sweating again as soon as you’re done with your shower. Just why? I’d rather stay in hot Cairo where at least it isn’t humid. On some days. Other days, Cairo is just as unbearable.

6. Endless Pick Up Attempts

Oh my God, how many times has someone tried to pick you up? It’s just horrible. It’s both from girls and guys but with guys kind of going overboard. No one likes clingy people, so just stop.

7. Extremely Short Shorts and Speedos on Guys

Really? We really really would rather not see your private parts so clearly, thank you very much. Akeed 3ayzeen yet3akso, sa7?

8. People Everywhere!

It’s insane how crowded Sahel has become. No matter how exclusive or expensive, people will still go to the hottest spots. It gets so crowded you can barely move. I go to Sahel to relax not to fight my way into some club or beach then have a miserable time because I can’t move freely.

Do you still love going to Sahel? What do you love or hate about it?