If Mark Zuckerburg knew how Egyptians use his Facebook, he would probably die of a heart attack. Egyptians abuse Facebook and it is absolutely funny at times. Facebook wouldn’t be Facebook without these hilarious weird moments that we all encounter.

Let the fun begin…

#1: Receiving Weird Friend Requests

This definitely shows an ultimate level of creativity, I mean how creative are other citizens of the world compared to Egyptians? Receiving a friend request from ‘ElFer3on El 3asheq‘, ‘El Wad El Sha2y‘ and ‘Ana 7azena‘ definitely makes all our days.

#2: Receiving Weird Texts

People send us texts swearing in all God’s names that they are not harassing us ‘Walahi ana msh ba3akes‘, and then they send you a text that is all about how beautiful you are or how beautiful your pictures are. Amazing, it all makes sense now!

#3: Receiving Religious Texts and Mentions

Of course, religion is a huge part of all Egyptians’ lives and we can’t deny that. But come on, receiving a text from a random guy telling me the benefits of praying Al Fajr is just weird. Is this you trying to get to know me the Islamic way?

#4: Receiving ‘Send This Text to 10 People or Else’ Kinds of Texts

I am very confused now, can FB affect all our destinies? Is this why we have miserable lives? Maybe it is because we didn’t forward that message to 10 people back in 2008.

#5: ‘El Montada’ Groups

We’ve all come across groups that have people literally doing nothing but complaining about their lives. I am not sure whether they are aware that they are publically sharing this information or not. It is kind of weird how some Egyptians are so low on privacy.

I now know that someone called Ahmed Mohamed has a problem with his girlfriend because she doesn’t want to remove all the males from her FB account. How amazing!

#6: Weird HBDs from Family Members

We’ve all received those lame pictures of cakes on our birthdays, sheep in Eid, Christmas trees in Christmas and lanterns in Ramadan. I can’t really explain how these pictures are only embarrassing us Tante. And Uncle, please stop using this weird nickname publicly please!

#7: Family Members Leaving Embarrassing Comments

I am sure that the world doesn’t really need to know how I looked like when I was 10. They also don’t need to see ‘3o2bal manshofek 3arusa‘ type of comments. If there was ever a chance of me getting married, then you probably killed it.

#8: Game Invites

We all stopped playing Farmville 10 years ago, so how come we still receive weird game requests? And can mums and dads stop sending us Candy Crush requests for God’s sake?

If anything weird happened to you that is not on the list, let us know!