Remember the days when your vacations were all about you spending hours building sandcastles at a beach somewhere? When you rode with the family for over three hours just to spend a relaxing week away at some chalet? Those were the days before vacationing got so commercialized, much simpler times. If you remember them vividly, you’ll probably remember vacationing in the following places: 

1- El Agamy, Alexandria

Back in the days when spending your whole vacation in Alex was actually cool! If you had a villa in Agamy, you were set for the whole break!107672-1-wide

2- Mara2ya, North Cost

Once upon a time, this was one of the first resorts on the North Coast. Located on the kilo 50 of the long Sa7el strip, its beaches and chalets were fairy tales material.hqdefault


3- Marsa Matrou7 

Another beautiful beach city that you probably went to. If only it hadn’t gotten so crowded!Marsa_Matrouh

4- Montazah, Alexandria

Another old Alexandrian landmark we used to frequent in our past. Strolling through its enchanted gardens and enjoying looking at the glorious royal palace was something we really loved doing during our childhood.4c0c2b8b01b45da5da0d8a2777e482ca

5- Sharm El Sheikh 

Remember way back when Ne3ma bay wasn’t as crowded and was actually fun?naama-at-night

6-  Ma3moura Beach, Alexandria

Alexandria had a lot of of great attractions; one of them was this famous beach close to the Montazah district.El_Maamoura_(beach)

7- Giftun, Hurghada

This area was pretty popular because people used to pay visits to the Giftun Islands close by. Now, like most beaches in Egypt, it’s become overcrowded and messy.giftun-island-trip-from-hurghada

8- Gamasa

This beach was a popular family destination back in the day. gamasa01

9- Ras El Bar

A beautiful beach resort near Damietta, that had a lot to do and plenty to see.21092_2

As much as we’re sad that these places got too crowded, we feel lucky to have spent a portion of our childhood in these magical destinations.