More than 6 in 10 people wear glasses. Do you know what this means? It means that 6 out of 10 people will relate to these daily struggles.

1. “Where are my glasses?” 

And not just the struggle of finding where we left them everyday, it’s also finding them without being able to see them in the first place!

2. When you get new glasses and the prescription is stronger than your previous pair…it’s just painful! 

3. Hating to go to a 3D movie because we will have to struggle to fit the 3D glasses on top of our regular ones! 

4. Needing to clean off our glasses round the clock. 

Most of the time we just wipe them with what we are wearing!

5. And it’s our lucky day if we’re wearing the wrong fabric…Cleaning them off will be one hell of a  catastrophe to our vision. 

6. Impromptu naps at our desks during a lecture are not a thing. 

Unless we take them off which will alert the professor! Or we go on and sleep and break the glasses.

7. Or when you just want to lie down with them on without squishing and breaking them.

8. We have to turn all our sunglasses into prescription glasses, else…

9. And when we DO have prescription glasses, we keep on forgetting to switch back to our regular ones indoors. 

And now we have to be that person who walks into a restaurant while wearing sunglasses!

10. Going to the gym is just a nightmare with our glasses sliding off at every chance due to sweat. 

11. Rain is our biggest enemy. 

Scratch that… roller coasters are the real enemy.

So it’s either put your glasses on and risk them falling, or take them off and not be able to see through the whole ride!

12. People ALWAYS asking to try on your glasses.

Only to see how blind you are!

13. Better yet, people who take your glasses without even asking.

14. People asking you to read a sign very far away that they can’t even see! 

“But you’re wearing glasses?” Yeah, that just means we can see like normal people. Still human here!

15. It’s true…We can’t see in the shower.

You people hate dropping the soap? Try not even SEEING the soap.

16. And if we hate to wear eye contacts, people won’t shut up with suggesting “Why don’t you try wearing contacts?”

17. The fog that happens when you drink hot beverages. 

18. Or when it’s cold and we are wearing a scarf.


19. Or when we are cooking. 

20. Summer is so fun for us especially when there are glasses shaped tan lines on our faces. 

21. Or especially that we can’t see when we are swimming because there are never swim goggles big enough for our glasses!!!


The struggle is real my friends, but guess what, we are gorgeous, four-eyes and all.