I like going to the beach as much as the next person. A little sand, a little surf is always a great way to unwind, especially in spring break. But I’ve recently realized that beaches are not necessarily a haven for rest and relaxation. And it’s mostly due to the existence of a certain brand of people that totally ruin the experience for you! 

1- Elii gay yezabat

I will begin with this guy because he is a plague on all female beach goers, he’s annoying as hell he wants to meet a girl at the beach; ultimately start dating her. Mel 25er kda mfeesh 7ad 3eref yezabat bent maye3rfhash on the beach. Don’t even try it’s not gonna happen. tumblr_mkj8p8FmTu1r157n0o1_400

2- Tamer Hagras Wanna-bes 

He’s extremely tanned, he’s wearing an ill fitting tank top. This guy was working on his forma, for this moment, at the beach! He’s got the body the tan and the wardrobe for it. If only he didn’t look so much like a copy of Tamer Hagras! There is no world where having the same tan lines as an orange is ever cool.2014-03-18_00086

3- The Selfie Chick

This girl 3aysha 3ala el snapchat bet3ha. Her soul purpose of coming to the beach is to take photos and make other people jealous of her. She sometimes tries to angle the shot to show off her cleavage, which although makes for a great photo, is definitely not an enjoyable act for beach goers to watch. Tide7-ce83a2f6a8e2dd82be3dbbe9ee59a963

4- The kid on Caffeine

He’s been running around the beach for the past hour. You don’t know where he gets the energy but it’s becoming super tiring to watch. sid-toy-story

5-  The Business Man

These people annoy me to no end! Enta gaii to3od 3al ba7r leyh law hato3od tesht3’al. This guy spends most of the time on the phone his presence just turns the beach into an office and you really can’t find yourself enjoying it while the CEO of whatever company is next to you! wonIJq2

Sometimes it seems like the only way to deal with these people is to find a desert island all to yourself to escape!