By: Dahab ElKady

Mashrou3 El Saada is a non-governmental organization using color therapy to spread happiness around Egypt’s neglected slums, by splashing joyful colors to their villages.

In 2013, a group of young arts/photography/singing talents decided to collaborate together to help those in need with a less typical and unusual idea. Their main target was to turn their houses into colorful places that they would feel proud to call home. Hashem Raafat, the Founder, is a fresh Architecture graduate from MIU (Misr International University). During his days as a student, he studied color therapy and hence got the idea to start the organization with the goal of spreading happiness. They use a theme for every village they visit and design a whole campaign with specific shapes and colors.

Their best hit was Nubia’s “Gezeeret Heissa” campaign. It is one of the oldest islands in Nubia that was unfortunately worn out by time. After the arrival of Mashrou3 El Saada in April 2015, around 32 houses were brought back life. Another joyful day Mashrou3 El Saada recently held was in a school for African refugees in Maadi, where the refugees used their beautiful music with the help of “Khayal” band as a medicine to heal their souls.

Mashrou3 El Saada’s next stop will be at Fayoum! They will arrive in Sinnuris on the 19th of this month hoping to repaint 10 debilitated houses in only one day in their “24 Hours Challenge”! Big challenges ahead for these guys and they deserve all our support to accomplish their mission.