Most of us have recently grown up to witness the stress of Thannweya Amma and the hard exams that we have to get through with not only a fair grade but an indeed high one to be able to land ourselves in our dream unviersities. The one shot exam strategy puts the Egyptian student in a very stressful situation to be fully adequate of performing well in a few hours that will define the rest of his/her own life!

This Year was no exception and the exams are extremely hard with no consideration of the students having to be fasting during studying.The recent tragic incident was the death of student Reem A.G during the Mathematics Exam at Mohamed Farid school in -Desouk,Kafr el sheikh .Reem as any other student sat for her exam with high hopes,but couldn’t endure seeing her life shattered for a grade and as a teenager who may not be extremely wise,decided to take her own life away by jumping from the second floor and injuring her head.The question here is till when will we proceed pursuing such stressful strategies in examination? The other question is how can a student easily jump and no one attempts to govern her movement or prevent her? Are our children unsafe in schools?

Although Reem was transferred by an ambulance to the nearest hospital,her head injuries were severe enough to take her life upon arrival at the hospital.To help save this issue from repetition,i urge the ministry to have mercy on our own future generations and for the parents to avoid putting their sons/daughters under stress and help them understand that grades are not the end of the world! May Reem’s soul rest in peace and may the remaining exams witness no tragedy as well!