One of the most satisfying feelings ever must be going to your overbearing demanding employer and shouting out “I QUIT”. While some may perceive it as a sign of failure, I see it as a sign of power because it’s liberating to be able to choose how to live your life without being dictated and controlled by others. Being unemployed can be extremely entertaining that you wouldn’t even consider having a job again (unless you get super bored or broke). Here are the reasons why:

1- No need to head early to bed anymore; you can finally enjoy the quiet city at the break of dawn then sleep for 15 hours straight.


2- Consequently, you can wake up any time you fancy and kiss that irritating alarm clock goodbye.


3- Or you could go out for a quick refreshing jog while everyone else is stuck in traffic on their way to work.


4- After which you could have a glorious bubble bath with some soft music playing in the background.


5- Then you put on your finest outfit, grab a good book and head to Starbucks to enjoy yor favourite caramel Macchiato while everyone is miserably trapped in the office.

Untitled26- You can now cross out all the places you have been meaning to visit off your bucket list. You can go sight-seeing or explore the treasures of your own city like never before.

7- You get the chance to pack your bags and just hop on the first train or bus and enjoy a relaxing vacation on a nice beach somewhere.


8- Or you can just stay at home, read books, listen to music and enjoy your stress free day. Or maybe you can just lay in bed staring at the ceiling and enjoy doing absolutely NOTHING because you have no one else to please but yourself.


9- Now, you have plenty of time to work on yourself. Discover your hobbies, define your life goals and what you want to accomplish. Engage in activities that will help you pinpoint your talents and guide you to new directions. Focus on what really matters.

10- And while doing that, you get the chance to attend all the parties and events you have been missing out on because you have been stuck at a life-sucking job.



Meanwhile, make sure to spend your time and money WISELY.