Egyptians were never accustomed for the winter. We were always aware of that, but the ways they express how much they’re not used to the winter is pretty unique to only them. You find them using these everyday expressions, that when you think about it, are likely to sound weird to an outsider. But to us these phrases sound normal, especially in the winter time. 

1- “Eh el bard dah?!”

We’re constantly wondering what is this cold?! As if we’re completely outraged at the fact that it’s cold in the months of Nov-Jan. Which when you think about it is pretty funny because we already know what the cold feels like, yet we’re always confused about it.

2- “Ana bataktek”

Taktaka is the chattering sound that happens when you’ve got the chills whether it’s your bones or your teeth getting those cold jitters. Ana bataktek is the accurate description of the sound of your chills!

3- “Ana nefsi f shorbet 3ads”

Cold weather in this country automatically means the need for shorbet 3ads; they go hand in hand for some reason. Without explanation or reason, our need for shorbet 3ads is one that makes total sense because one sip could warm every cold region of yourself even your soul!

5- “Shoft el gaw 3amel ezay?”

Well… Obviously we’ve seen how the weather is. But we still want to make sure other people have seen it too. We like to make a topic of conversation about nothing, even the things people clearly see and know about.

6- “Shoft el denya mataret ad eh?”

Rain isn’t a normal occurrence in Egypt; it’s an event! And we will talk about it profusely just because it doesn’t happen as often.

7- “Enta bardan/7aran ezay?”

Biology, genetics, maybe they’re cold-blooded. Does it even matter? This question is pointless, yet we still make a point to ask it every single year.

What else do you think Egyptians often say in this weather? Let us know in the comments!