Football is the only thing that actually MADE us happy and gave us shivers. There are a lot of unforgettable moments- Remember how we used to gather? Watch the match and cheer for our favourite team? When we used to go out and celebrate the victory in Gam3et El Dowal and Nafa2 El Sawra? Oh, the good ol’ days…

Here are the  most cherished moments that would never be erased from our memories:

1- Hossam Hassan (The Goal that made us qualify to the World Cup 1990)

2- Magdy Abdel Ghany against Netherlands (World Cup 1990) .. KEFAYA YA MAGDY!

3- Sayed Abdel Hafiz VS El Taragy

4- Bibo w Beshir, Bibo wel Goan (Ahly VS Zamalek .. The LEGENDARY triumph 6-1)

5- Zamalek VS El Ragaa El Maghreby

6- Abo Treka VS El Safaksy

7- Abo Treka VS Cameroon

8- The 2nd and 3rd Goals against Brazil

9- Mohamed Homos VS Italy

10- Abo Treka VS Club America

11- Emad Meteb VS Algeria