When you ask people to tell you what the happiest moment of their lives is, their answer will usually be that they can’t pick only ONE moment. And if you insist and ask them to at least try, some will move on to say that it probably didn’t happen yet and others will take the dramatic route and say that they don’t have any good moments. But because I’m relentless, I still insisted they pick one from the many moments they’ve lived already. To my dismay, they still couldn’t. Simply because picking a single moment is impossible! Here’s what I got instead.

1- “The happiest day of my life was the 25th of Jan, 2011. It was the day of the revolution and I remember how hopeful and optimistic I felt standing among the huge crowd, with all of us sharing one goal and feeling the same way. I just know that everyone in Tahrir Square that day had the same feeling.” – male, 37

2- “I’m sorry, but I can’t just pick one moment. I’ll go for second best and say that the best time of my life was my 4 years of university. It’s the only phase of my life that I wish I could go back to.” – female, 44

3- “Fel balad di? haha. Walahy, ay yom el bey3adi kowayes beyb2a howa da as3ad yom fe hayaty.” – male, 30

4- “When I brought my dog home. The first time I boarded an airplane. The first time I ever fell in love. The first concert I ever went to. Ayam el 3edeya.” – male, 25

5- “Lama benty etkharagt w galha shoghlana bara masr.” – male, 45

6- “When I got my first ever paycheck. Especially that it was after A LONG time of training.” – male, 22

7- “mesh 3arfa. bas ya3ni nefsi asafer.” – female, 7

8- “The day my grandchild was born. I know that I should say the day my daughter herself was born, but there’s something different about having a grandchild that I just can’t explain.” – female, 77

9- “The days I spent volunteering in India in an NGO that help teach young boys and girls how to read and write.” – female, 22

10- “Lama khalast madrasa w babaya gabli fostan abyad taweel w ali da le yom fara7i. Yom fara7i lessa magash, bas lama yegy hayb2a da as3ad yom.” – female, 20

11- “When my dad bought me PlayStation 1. Kont tayer men el far7a.” – male, 27

12- “It would have to be the moment my son was born. Pregnancy was really hard on my wife as she suffers from bipolar disorder, so her illness combined with the pregnancy was all too much for her. But the moment we got to hold our son in our hands, we felt like it’s all been worth it and that we wouldn’t change a thing.” – male, 32 (the only person who actually listed ONE moment) 

Why did I care to ask in the first place? Because I wanted to know what people value the most, I wanted to understand people’s priorities and to know if there is a common ground between people from different social backgrounds. And I wanted to make them smile.