One of the most difficult yet most rewarding jobs in the world is being a parent. Our parents deserve our love and respect for giving us life and providing us with a decent living. Below are some facts we would like our parents to realize:

1. We love you more than anything in the whole entire world.


2. We really appreciate all what you have done for us.


3. T.V hasn’t ruined our minds, yet!!

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4. And our best friends are not bad influence.

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5. Because we wouldn’t have gone that far without your guidance and backing.


6. And for the record, we don’t need money from you.

7. However, we need your on-going support.

8. We need you to trust us and have a little faith in us.


9. Because sometimes, we know our own good.

10. And we can make sound decisions.


11. We need to face the world on our own.

12. And we need our personal experiences to stem from our own personal problems (which we can handle, hopefully).

13. So we will have to move out someday; please deal with it.


14. We will be needing your encouragement though.

15. We are sorry we made you cry.


16. Sometimes, just sometimes we will need your opinion on some issues.


17. We will sometimes hide stuff from you, for your own sake, I guess.

18. Life will break us often, but don’t worry, we know we can get right back up and fight harder.

19. We don’t have to pursue a relationship and get married when all we want is to pursue a career.

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20. Some of us don’t want to live a normal life.

21. So no need to criticize.

22. Because all we want is to make you proud.


23. We will always be there for you. ALWAYS.


24. We will always need your consent.

25. We will always love you no matter what.