Many people have a secret side no one knows about; that silent side which is always deeply lost in thought. If this side could vocalize, here are some of the things it would communicate:


1. We are too complicated deep down.


2. We still believe in fairy tales though.

3. We want super powers, like teleporting or something.


4. We prefer living in a world of our imagination because it is way better there.


5. We don’t love ourselves as much as we should.

6. We don’t forgive ourselves easily.

7. We are too afraid to fall in love because we know that we would never heal from a tragic heartbreak.


8. We don’t want to be lonely though.


9. We cannot move on no matter how hard we try.

10. We cannot get over some incidents irrespective of the number of years which had gone by.

Screenshot_2015-06-23-01-16-05-111. We are scared of failing not because of what people may think.

12. Consequently, we worry about tomorrow way too much even if we don’t show it.

13. We are too lost and our lives are seriously messed up.


14. We actually do care a lot about everything (as much as we say that we don’t).


15. And so we did not heal from every wound, even if we claim that we have.

16. We are very fragile; even those of us who appear strong are easily broken.


17. We need a shoulder to lean on at moments of desperation, no matter how independent we seem to be.


18. We seek acceptance from those around us.

19. We are full of fears and insecurities.


20. We cannot face the world on our own even if we allege we can.

21. We need protection from people and mostly from the unknown.

22. We hate second chances because we might be perceived as weak.


23. We regret every decision we ever made or didn’t make.

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24. We are not happy at all.