Eid is coming, and no matter how older we get, all we could think of is el Eideya we’re getting (or giving, sadly)!
We all know how this one goes; the art of giving Eideya is not an easy task, and some people like to do it their own way!

So this is why we brought you seven types of people who give Eideya in the family:

#1 The aunt who gives you the 50 EGP in secret:

We all went through the whole “Come with me inside” situation; your aunt takes you to your grandmother’s room and gives you the 50 EGP, and you don’t even understand why she hasn’t given it in front of everyone.

Um, hello, it’s Eid, that’s what you’re supposed to do!

#2 Your rich father’s cousin who lives in Malaysia:

We all have this one uncle we rarely ever see. He lives abroad and showers us with money; the kind of money we invest in a new mobile phone with!

Hey, please keep sending money! Thanks.

#3 The relative you don’t even know:

Who doesn’t get confused in family gatherings when a relative with a familiar face tells you to come to take your Eideya? The thing is that he doesn’t know your name or whose kid you are, and you don’t even know him too. Are we even relatives? No one knows.

But hey, nobody passes on taking Eideya, even if we don’t know who is it from!

#4The uncle who gives you a fortune:

Okay, he doesn’t always have to be the rich guy in the family, but he is VERY generous indeed, and for some reason, he usually gives the highest amount of money, EVERY.Eid!

Please keep doing that, uncle whoever! 

#5 Your old relative who gives your Eideya to your parents even if you’re 20:

There is always this one person in the family who – although he’s aware of the fact that you are a grown-up who is able to take their own Eideya – STILL gives it to your parents to save it for you!

WTH people? We all know parents don’t pay back!

#6 The person who “beykarmesh” the money in your hands:

Okay, we don’t really understand why this HAS to happen with the same person every Eid! Again, it’s EID, it’s what society and the world forced on you as an adult, to give the younger ones Eideya, why not give it normally? It’s not shameful y’all!

#7 The newcomer to the “Eideya” life:

Probably most of us are either nearing this phase or are ALREADY in it, and this is where you have no idea what to do. You keep asking all the questions; who do I give the money to? How much should I give them? Should it be in public? Should I do it ‘the secret aunt’ way?

Growing up is not always fun..

So those were the different types of people in our Egyptian families who give Eideya, but in style! Tell us, do you have more to add to the list?