Wedding planning and long life commitment are no piece of cake. Don’t ever feel tamed; you can always run. Keep in mind that you always have legitimate reasons to just leave everything behind and start over. Here are the 6 most obvious ones:

1- Your groom saying the wrong name at the ma2zoon


There is nothing more embarrassing than hearing your groom saying a name other than yours. A typical Ross move.

2- Your mother-in-law is your worst nightmare


Since you’re taking away a part of her, your mother-in-law is going to make you go through hoops just to please her and see if you’re worthy enough to have the apple of her eye.

3- Since he’s going to be your husband, he suddenly transformed into Si El Sayed


He suddenly transforms into the infamous Si El Sayed with the new ground rules, that only made sense in Medieval times.

4- Responsibilities are weighing you down


With all the wedding fiasco, you have little time to take care of yourself. You find a curious case of weight lose/gain and nothing seems to make sense anymore.

5- You’ve had an epiphany of what you actually wanna do with your life


You go through life with a certain plan ahead, with its ups and downs. Suddenly, you get an image of a completely different plan down the road. Embark on the new road ahead with no chains holding you down.

6- The one that got away finally confessed his love


Last but not least, the one that got away finally took it upon himself to let you know how he feels without being hot and cold or disappearing… You can run!

Run, baby run… Don’t ever look back!