asmaa abulyazeid

Asmaa Abulyazeid is one of Ramadan’s rising stars. She is currently playing the character Galila in Layali Eugenie, which by the way gives a really nice taste to the series. Watching her act and sing truly brings joy to our hearts, even though the whole series is dramatic.

So Who is She?

Asmaa Abulyazeid is an ordinary girl who has a passion for both acting and singing. She started off when she was still in university, taking roles in student plays. She then became part of Bahga singing group.

Her role in Layali Eugenie is just the start of her flourishing acting career as lots of people, including celebrities, are already praising her for her amazing performance.

She played the role adequately, portraying how women who wanted a career in singing and acting acted back in the days. She shows the perseverance and strength that can never be shaken by the words of a man whom she has feelings for. And most importantly, she shows how great people can be to those in need.

We loved her when she was so kind and helpful with Karima. We loved her when she showed her feelings to her alleged boyfriend. And we loved her, even more, when she didn’t give up on her dream because of a guy. We loved her all the way even though she isn’t the biggest star on the show.

We expect great things to come your way Asmaa, and wish you the best of luck.