A few days back, I was sitting with a guy in a cafe drinking coffee while having a few laughs and thinking to myself “This can’t possibly get any better.” Well, at least that was the case until he told me “You know what I noticed during my time abroad? I noticed that foreign girls actually get out of their way to impress their boyfriends, unlike you girls here in Egypt.” That got me thinking of how ridiculous and unappreciative Egyptian guys can sometimes be. So this one’s for all of you unappreciative “boys”! We asked 10 Egyptian girls about the weirdest thing they ever did to impress a guy and this what they said: 

1. “I pretended to be a ‘metal head’ because he was into metal music.”

2. “I said I make the best cookies in town even though I have no clue whatsoever how to boil an egg.”

3. “He was athletic so I told him that I had 6 packs, which later led me to go to the gym 4 times a week because he asked me to go on a road trip with him and wear bikinis! He found out that I wasn’t athletic after all, but he still fell for me ;)”

4. “I knew that his brother was into CrossFit, so I signed up and went on an expedition to get to know his brother, desperately hoping that we’d become friends and we’d all hang out together.”

5. “I lived on only water and yoghurt for a whole week to lose weight, because I knew he wasn’t into chubby girls.”

6. “I stalked him on Snapchat and whenever he posted a snap in a place nearby, I would go there and pretend I met him by coincidence.”

7. “I pretended I like spicy food even though I didn’t only to share a meal with my crush.”

8. “I knew that he was into football, so I made sure that I learned a few smart expressions to say during the match, ended up embarrassing myself at the end.”

9. “I pretended that I was a gamer and bought a Playstation. I asked a guy friend to help me out, got all the necessary games and spent hours everyday trying to master the art of gaming just because I knew that he would like me for it.”

10. “One time I went out with a male model and to impress him, I bought an outfit I wouldn’t possibly wear and shoes I couldn’t possibly walk in (in an attempt to look like his other model friends) and I kept falling and tripping the whole time. Needless to say, we didn’t go out again and I didn’t wear those shoes ever again.”

I dare you to say that girls don’t make enough effort one more time! (not that we have to)