The fact is that this year’s ads are somewhat disappointing, maybe because marketing agencies set the bar so high in the previous years. However, we wouldn’t want to ignore the fact that these 6 ads were the only ones that made it to our approval list this Ramadan (Along with the charity based organisation ads no doubts).

#1: Hadid ElGarhy

We all love this guy jumping the rope and playing with the hula-hoop, it is just too funny. The ad was definitely fun and catchy to the extent that you felt like you wanted to be part of the team to play along.

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#2: We

We are all stuck on their ‘El Ba baqa’ song. It is like a virus, however, we definitely like it.  Not to mention their World Cup ads series that is really insane yet amazing.

#3: Badya by Palm Hills Developers

The level of creativity and sophistication of this ad is beyond words. We don’t think that there is one cultured person who didn’t appreciate the idea behind this ad.

#4: EG Bank

Raouf is all of us combined; that’s why we definitely LOVE the ad. Because we do relate to Oufa on so many levels. The ads are funny and very catchy, and have a specific insight. What else would anyone want more from an ad?

#5: Resala V2 of Ads

Thank God Resala learned from their mistakes and came up with a new catchy campaign. The song is very nice and the idea itself is creative. Double pointers for the comeback!

#6: Nescafe

We need to do this campaign justice because their ads are just terrific. Creative, funny and relatable. You wouldn’t want more than this. And our favorite part is ‘mememememe Gawda’. Just amazing!


We bet you won’t be able to find any other ad to include in the list, but let us know anyway if you did!