Sometimes having bridesmaids makes things a lot easier for the bride; however she must be careful while picking them as choosing the wrong combination may be disastrous!

#1 The Helpful

That’s the kind of a bridesmaid who’s very helpful and the one who makes things come true. She’s super helpful when it comes to anything; be it picking something up, handling the guest list, or even choosing the song list!

#2 The First-time Bridesmaid

She’s literally a bridesmaid for the very first time and doesn’t know what to do, where to go or what to say. She watches and learns.

#3 The Second-bride Bridesmaid

This bridesmaid acts as if she’s the bride, forces her opinions and is basically there to make her wishes come true! She tries to affect every single choice of the bride and to take over.

#4 The Party Girl Bridesmaid

It’s the cheerful bridesmaid who turns the dance floor upside down from the day you were engaged, to your bachelorette party, till your wedding. She brings you so much joy and somehow manages to calm you down.

#5 The Fashionista Bridesmaid

Most probably she’s the one who has an upper hand in choosing their dresses; from the dress material and design to the color. She’s the one whom the bride doesn’t worry about!

#6 The Jealous Bridesmaid

The one who’s just trying to be on top of the bridesmaid list and turns the whole thing into a competition. Interferes in every single thing as she wants to prove that she’s the best and wants to kick the rest of the bridesmaids out.

#7 The Moral Support

Figuratively speaking, she’s the bride’s backbone! She manages to calm the bride down and mainly this person turns out to be the bride’s bestfriend.

#8 The Unwelcome Bridesmaid 

It’s the bridesmaid who you were forced to choose and add to your bridesmaid list; be it your groom’s sister who you might not be on good terms with or a friend who was too pushy about it!

#9 The One Who Just Wants to Get Hooked

There’s that bridesmaid who’s just not there with you. She’s too busy looking for “the one” and all she cares about is to be noticed, being one of the bridesmaids.

Remember, you don’t have to force yourself into choosing an unwanted bridesmaid or someone who gets on your nerves. It’s your big day!