We came across several Ads through the past 100 years in Egypt and compared them to their modern day equivalent! It's amazing how it feels like they almost have the same soul when put side by side. Thank god creative directors improved their techniques of advertising!


Zozo kebret w ba2et 3arousa!

Fanta got some work done w ba2et monhara…fel ent3ash

Pepsi ditched cola w reg3et l aslaha 

Egyptair 3elyet w ba2et terou7 barizz

Benz still got the worst Arabic copywriter!

From G.S.M to touch, Nokia have come a looooong way!

Do you think they wore heels to the beach back then too or had a ByGanz opening?

Nabolsy takes the pick for the better Ad…Ela el 7amam!

It's funny how even now, they still think the arm in the air picture is necessary! 

 At least we get years of guarantee now not just 6 months! Does anyone know what "Mowasafat 5asa lel manate2 el 7ara" refer to..?

 It should never come back again…

 We can totally see a Nancy Agram remake of this bas shaklaha me5asmahom…AH!