There is a first time for everything. The first time your mind wanders off to asking questions about anything and everything. It probably started with the reachable cotton candy skies moving on to the famous question ‘where do babies come from’. We talked to 10 Egyptian guys to find out how they discovered that babies come from somewhere else other than parents holding hands, and this is what we got. 

1- “I got introduced to sex while I was a kid in school. Tenth graders, ‘the older kids’, told me that my parents had sex. I didn’t believe them and asked my father; we had one of the weirdest talks of my life. In addition, I found out what ‘Always’ was used for.”

2- “I was 8 and watching Scream the movie on our DVD player and a sex scene came on. I didn’t have to ask anyone for anything; everything was self-explanatory.”

3- “When I was about 12, an older guy in school decided to explain everything to me. Later, adult movies explained everything even more thoroughly. Any guy who claims he found out about sex any other way is simply lying. The internet is our only teacher.”

4- “When I was 8, in science class, when we were learning about the different systems in our bodies. I was introduced to the reproductive system and learnt about sex. The first thing that came to my mind was ‘I want to try it’, and let’s stress on the fact that I was only EIGHT.”

5- “A friend’s driver took him to a prostitution house and made him sleep with a woman. He met with us later on and told us about it. We kept asking him questions about everything; what happened, what did you do, how did you feel…etc. He later brought us adult movies and pictures of naked women, which we would sneak in to the school’s bathroom and look at. We were only 13 at the time.”

6- ” When I was a kid, 12 to be exact, I walked on my parents having sex. What I understood at the time is that they were only kissing. I told my cousin about it and he told me that ‘No, they weren’t kissing. They were having sex’. Me: ‘What’s sex?’ Him: ‘It’s when you insert your thing into the girl’s thing.’ I was disgusted and I didn’t believe him.”

7- “The first time I saw a penis entering a vagina was on TV. I didn’t understand what was happening. I thought to myself why would I place my penis in a girl’s pee hole.”

8- “When I was a kid, my ideology was that man marries woman and they directly have kids. It was a given, and for those who marry and don’t have kids, that was God’s will. Until at a family gathering, a family friend said that in Cyprus, there is a tradition of men and women marrying after having kids. I ran to my mother asking her how do they have kids before marriage. Her answer was yet another cloud hiding the truth. She told me that they actually marry in a church; they just don’t have a wedding. In fifth grade, we were taking a biology lesson and I was introduced to sperms, uterus and how a fetus is formed. I asked how does the sperm move from the man to the woman, and I had all my answers.”

9- “In grade 11, I was attending a private lesson and the teacher was explaining the transition of fluids between men and women during intercourse, but skipped how the intercourse itself happens. A friend of mine kept nagging the teacher and asking him a million times how does the fluid move till he finally answered and explained intercourse intricately.”

10- “Someone in my class was watching an adult movie on his phone, and that was around the time I thought girls have the same genitalia as boys. It was the last year of prep school and I had absorbed too much information in one setting that left me in shock.”

Care to share with us how you managed to stumble unto s.e.x?