You’ve all probably been hearing about the crazy expensive wedding packages popular hotels are offering nowadays. The figures can literally make you scream out loud or basically decide to remain single for the rest of your life! The wedding venue is just the start; you still need to secure the wedding planner fees, the cost of the wedding dress and DJ/entertainment, not to mention the photographer and the honeymoon that your mother in law planned with no regard to the modest budget in hand!

Because we know how poor your 7amada is, or if you 7amada are reading this, we understand that if you pull off that dream wedding, you’ll probably be spending the rest of your life betesh7at f shawer3, so we’ve decided to give you a sarcastic piece about the options you can have with your small budget!

1. Sabbar is your new centerpiece!

If you’ve been to a wedding lately, you probably noticed those table centerpieces which cost a fortune. We’re basically going all natural with the introduction of Sabbar plant as our own unique centerpiece. If someone tries to sabotage your decoration, those sharp splinters will do them good!

2. The No Kosha trend serves you well!

You will definitely have no Kosha! If someone asks, act casual as if it’s too mainstream and no one is doing it anymore! If you feel like you want to have a seat, use the groom/bride bathroom excuse and enjoy the toilet seat my friend!

3. No cake, yes fake!

The multi level wedding cake can cost you loads of cash just to take that lame cross forks cake tasting/cutting photo! You can just have a small piece of real cake for credibility and have the rest of it in cardboard. If you mistake the cardboard for the real cake, fede7tak hatb2a b galagel!

4. Rent a dress!

Wedding dresses can go up to 200K EGP, so you’d better rent one or even borrow your friend’s and add some personal touches to it at tarzi el nogoom el 3al nasya! 

5. Your wedding planner is your best friend!

Who needs a wedding planner? Remember that super cool surprise party your friends pulled off all by themselves? They can do that again with a couple of sleepless nights and a few YouTube tutorial videos! Let the bridesmaids team get into action!

6. DJs are no longer in, put on your own playlist and help feature a beginner underground band!

Unless you love style el dokhan wel bubbles fel DJ, you can always create your own bee2a playlist and add a touch of elegance by inviting over a new cool underground band to entertain your guests!

Finally, if you’re too concerned with the buffet, you can always have an extremely fancy fruits buffet and assume that as a high end luxurious style. Pretend you always go for healthy food choices especially for your personal events. No one needs to know about your koshary obsessionBottom line, plan a wedding that would mark an extremely memorable night for you and your 7amada W sama3oona zaghroota keda!