No matter how many friends you’ve got, there will always be one or two whom you consider family. Those are the irreplaceable ones who know every single detail about your life. And because they’re Egyptians, they usually make your friendship extra special.

1- Meen meday2ek w ana agebhoolek f shwal
fi shwal
She might be 145 cm tall and weighs about 40 kg, but she’d still fight for you with all her might.

2- Tante di habibty, sebeehali
Want to go on that school/college trip but your mom me3aslaga shwaia? No one would be able to convince her but your dearest best friend. And you have no idea how she does it!

3- Uncle da abooya el tani
uncleLet’s admit it. You get a bit jealous from her relationship with your dad sometimes; she’s like his second daughter. But it proves to be helpful sometimes. (Like the day you wanted to go to Dina’s sleepover and he didn’t consent until he knew that your best friend is going).

4- She’s your “3askary”
3askaryIf you’re super crazy, she’ll be the one who’s got your back. Can you remember how many times her advice got you out of trouble? How many “No, don’t do it” and “don’t even think about it, mamnoo3” saved your life?

5- She can’t leave; you go all insane on your own!
bffBut still, she has a little devil inside her and she’s always your partner in crime!

6- Ana 3aiza men da ya 7ozombol
7ozombolYour bestie is your “7ozombol” who makes your wishes come true. Remember that cute guy you were dying to get to know? Hatetsha2leb l7ad mat3arafek 3alih.

7- She’s your “Yosreya”
yosreyaaIf you’re a shy person who doesn’t always stand up for your rights, don’t worry. It’s your best friend’s number one duty. Oh! You’ll never get away from her intensive “sharsha7a” and “baltaga” courses afterwards.

8- Your boyfriend’s greatest frenemy
bf's frenemyShe will be your boyfriend’s greatest friend; she’ll help out both of you every single step of the way but she’ll always be watching him. If he does you any wrong, the beast will unleash itself out of the cage!

9- Your partner in “Ta7weer”
ta7weerAre you stuck in a situation where you desperately need a quick white lie? Just call her.

9- The one you can knock on their door at 3 am
yosreyaYes, this is your loyal friend, or as we say “el gad3a”. It doesn’t matter what time it is or what she’s doing, she’ll always be there for you whenever you need her.

10- She’s your second mom
second momYes, you two are of the same age but she can never stop acting like your mom. She cares for you like no one else.

11- She never gives up on your friendship
never gives up on uFinally, no matter how many times you got into fights and no matter how different you are, she’ll never ever walk away from you.


A special thanks to every loyal best friend out there: You’ve been through a lot, and we love you!