By Hana Yousry
While we all like to frequent Ramadan tents with decorated oriental takhts, there’s nothing that can truly give us a sense of the authentic Ramadan experience than structures that are reminiscent of the old days of Islamic Egypt. Which is why before the 30 days are up you need to put these spots on your schedule.These are just a few of the many places you have to visit before Ramadan ends.

1-Khan El Khalili

It’s one of the most beautiful and breathtaking places in Egypt, definitely worth a visit. It kinda has its own magic, its special atmosphere that you won’t find anywhere else. Something about it becomes even more special during Ramadan: the beautiful designs of the string lights, the people, the antiques, the tangled lanterns and even the low priced items which you can’t find anywhere else. However, you still shouldn’t be surprised when you purchase an item for 20 EGP with an initial asking price of 200 EGP. You can always haggle with the vendors.




2-The Citadel-El Qala 

When it comes to stunning architecture, el qal3a definitely has to top the list. It has the most beautiful and stunning sights you’ll get to see on a tour. It’s that place where you completely lose yourself and enjoy your time to find out that you’ve actually spent a whole day there. The longer your tour, the more you’ll get to see gorgeous mosques, museums and authentic buildings that will take your breath away.




3-El Fishawy Cafe 

After taking a stroll down Khan el Khalili market and spending a long day there, 2hwet el Fishawy will always be the best place to end your day. It’s an old 2hwa where you usually chill with good company and order something to drink.



4-El Mo3ez Street

If you’re looking forward to spending one of those unforgettable Ramadan nights in the heart of Cairo, then you must visit “El Mo3ez” street. You can spend your whole day there or just have iftar or se7our in Al-Hussein where it’s usually vibrant during the holy month; this is what makes it spectacular.



5-Sultan Hassan Mosque 

Sultan Hassan Mosque has a very unique design structure that makes you curious enough to walk in and discover its history. It has this marvelous marble inlay floor that makes it even more splendid and a distinctive ablution fountain that adds to its beauty. Surprisingly, Sultan Hassan Mosque cost 30,000 dirhams everyday to build, making it the most expensive medieval structure Cairo. It’s hard to believe that Sultan Hassan Mosque was completed in 1359 yet still stands to this day!



Is there any other place you like to frequent in Ramadan? Let us know in the comments!