In Egypt, they always say “ El Khal Waled”. Well, he actually is but each uncle has his own particular way to show it.

Below are 7 types of “Khalo” we come across:

1. The Grandpa

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 12.20.39 AM

There is a big age gap between him and your mother, so he’s unofficially your grandpa not your uncle. He pampers you as if you’re his grandson/daughter.

2. Too Young

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That’s the uncle we all consider an idol; he’s just a few years your senior. If you’re a girl you will want to be seen around with him to show off. If you’re a boy you will admire, watch and learn his ways with the ladies.

3. The Humourless  


That’s the serious scary type you only see in family occasions. He usually struggles to remember your name.

4. The One Who Gets You Out Of Trouble


That’s the best type. He’s the one who always covers your back, and never exposes you to your parents; the one you call when you’re in a mess, and he never fails to save you.

5. The One Who Gets You In Trouble

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 12.58.23 AM

He’s your partner in crime. He might be old but he has a soul of a twelve year old, and still seeks adventures.

6. The Rebellious

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He’s only a few years younger than your mother, and hasn’t forgotten how she used to boss him around and have a say in his life. He always stands up for you and encourages you to do whatever you want.

7. The Cool One 


That’s the type your mother will warn you about. He is unmarried, handsome and cool. He’s always glamorously dressed up and frequents all the places you can’t wait to turn 21 to get to visit. We all do love this type!

So which type is your uncle/s?