Ever wondered what happened to the good old life when we had zero responsibilities, zilch worries and never stressed over anything? Oh yes, we fell in the trap of unintentionally growing up!!

All we have left of our cherished childhood days are awesome memories which make us laugh our hearts out as we reminisce with family or friends. Here are some of the things we truly miss about our childhood:


1. Boogy w tamtam

Boogy w Tamtam was THE show back then; they practically raised a whole generation.


2. Mosalsal el sa3a 7

The times when a single TV series was aired daily at 7 pm on Egyptian TV. How could we forget intense series like “Al 3a2ela w el nas”, “Opera Aida” or “Zizinia”?

al 3aala w el nas

3. Game Boy

Remember this device, where we had to insert like a tape of the game we wanted to play? We used to spend hours playing with this Game Boy. Ahhh, memories!


4. Power Rangers

Forget about today’s superheroes; Power Rangers were our ultimate saviours. We loved each and every one of them.


5. Ninja Turtles

We had other heroes who always saved the day and made us all love pizza.


6. Star and Snack Chocolates

Those 2 chocolates were all we ever loved; they were our Milka and Lindt. We still crave them till now!!


7. Super Magic Gum (AKA E l leban al se7ry)

Where one gum gave you all the colours and flavours you ever needed.




8. Trolls

Those toys made us all want to dye our hair in their distinctive vibrant colours.



9. El Rob3 Geneh el Makhroom

This silver coin was used for little else except as a beading material to create accessories; we used to thread them to make funky necklaces or key chains.


10. Captain Maged

Even though we had to wait like 3 episodes to watch him score, Captain Maged was the reason we grew up loving football.


11. Pokemon

We all used to cry when Pikachu got tired.


12. Popeye

This character was the reason behind an entire generation’s desire to eat spinach to grow some muscles and kick some ass. Popeye and Olive are still a better love story than Twilight.


13. Wanis

We used to look forward the whole day to watching “Baba Wanis and Mama Maysa”.


14. Walkman

It was our music player before mp3 or IPods.


15. Collecting Coca Cola Caps to Win a Bike

Coke only came in a glass bottle; we collected the caps and traded them with our friends to hopefully win a bicycle one day.

16. Old Disney Movies

The really old Disney movies: Pocahontas, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast and Pinocchio, ahhh… those were the days my friend!!


17. Multi-colour Pens

The magic pen that came in 4 different colours; blue, black, red, and green. We used to love pulling down all the colours at once.


18. Mama Samia

That kids’ TV show where Mama Samia taught us life lessons using the show’s character “Dabadibo” and the show’s game “3arousty”.

19. Koromba

We all had that  same exact doll and her pendent ice cream cone.


20. Kids’ Songs

Those really funny kids’ songs that are forever engraved in our hearts: Dabdooba el Tekhina and Helwa ya Zooba.

21. Amigo Sneakers

There was a time when Egypt didn’t suffer from power outages because our shoes used to light it up. If you didn’t own a pair of those magical sneakers when you were young, you really missed out! We used to wear them even at home.


22. Roller Blades

We used to spend hours spinning with our rollerblades at the club’s designated area for skating. When it was time to leave, we wouldn’t take them off till we reached home.


Every stage will forever have its own precious memories in our hearts. Hope you enjoyed our walk down memory lane, and as my friend always says: “May we never grow old”.