Unlike the current trend, old Egyptian movies had true substance and meaning behind them. And those who didn’t, were full of comedy that wasn’t about appearances or trying to be “hip” at the price of turning out cheap. Egyptian movies, although now in colors and with better cinematography, lack the essence and humour that were infused within the old ones which still make us excited whenever we accidentally find them on TV. Here are a few examples: 

1- Ard El Nefaq

Ard El Nefaq
Initial release: 1968
This movie discusses one of the looming eternal questions: Is honesty really the best policy?

2- El Keif 


Initial release: 1985 
Director: Ali Abdel-Khalek
The movie navigates the world of drugs in an honest and open way.

3- El Zoga El Tanya 


Initial release: 1967
Director: Salah Abouseif
This has to be one of the greatest one hundred films in the history of the Egyptian cinema.

4- Sagheera 3al-Hob


Initial release: 1966
Director: Niazi Mostafa
To this day, we still reference and use lines from the movie in our day-to-day life.

5- Esha3et Hob 

Esha3et Hob - Old Egyptian Movies

Initial release: 1961
It’s an Egyptian classic that revolves around the destructive nature of jealousy and delivers its message with lots of laughs.

6- El Zoga El 13


Initial release: 1962
Rushdy Abaza playing the role of the playboy who falls in love for the first time; what’s not to like?

7- Akhtar Ragol Fil Alam AKA Mr. X 

Mr. X

Initial release: 1967
Director: Niazi Mostafa
The movie is creative, original and was way ahead of its time.

8- Embratoryet Mem


Initial release: 1972
Director: Hussein Kamal
The film is empowering and hints on the ideal way the Egyptian society should and could be, if only anyone was really listening.

9- Sokkar Hanem 


Initial release: 1960
Director: El Sayed Bedeir
The movie has hilarious humour.

10- El Naser Salah El-Din 

El Naser Salah El-Din

Initial release: 1963
Director: Youssef Chahine
At the time of its release, the movie’s production was considered transcended. Amad Mazhar exceeded all expectations and played his role extraordinarily.

11- Al Bidaya 


Initial release: 1986
Director: Salah Abouseif
Salah Abouseif did an impeccable job portraying the different human personalities found in a single community. The movie is in a realm between fantasy and reality, sanity and insanity.

12- Ibn Hamido


Initial release: 1957
It was great comedy for its time and still epic to this day. It packs Egyptian legendary comedian, Ismail Yasseen, the Don Juan of Arab cinema, Ahmed Ramzy and the Marilyn Monroe of the Middle East, Hend Rostom.

13- Meraty Modeer 3ammeraty-modeer-3am

Initial release: 1966
One of the first movies to defy gender stereotypes.

14- El Beh El Bawab 


Initial release: 1990
Director: Hussein Ibrahim
A classic Egyptian tale!

15- El Irhab wel Kabab 


Initial release: 1992
Director: Sherif Arafa
Sherif Arafa enjoyed the lack of censorship in the making of this movie. The personage embodied by Adel Imam in the movie was easily relatable to all Egyptians. El Irhab wel Kabab appears on the list of fifteen best Egyptian films of all time.

16- Shams El Zanaty 


Initial release: 1991
Director: Samir Seif
A pure action Adel Imam movie!

17- El Na3ama we El Tawoos 


Initial release: 2002
Compared to all the movies on this list, this movie is new. But it does shed amazing light on the traditions and customs of the Egyptian society when it comes to sexual relations.

18- El 3ar 


Initial release: 1982
Director: Aly Abd El Razek
“Does the end really justify the means?” El 3ar movie won three awards at the Annual Film Festival Association; a best film award, best screenplay award and Aly Abd El Razek took home the best director award.

19- El Wesada El Khalya 


Initial release: 1957
Director: Salah Abouseif
Forget El Wesada El Khalya el te3bet meno ya ghalya! Abd El Halim Hafez is rolling over in his grave!
These are just SOME of the movies that embody the old charming Egyptian flair!