Before owning a cat, you think these fuzzy creatures are just cute and will do nothing but play around. No one tells you that cats will control your life. They take over it, and you have no choice but to obey them. We could blame their cuteness on the manipulation, or we could just admit that cats are planning to take over the world and you’re their slave. Here are some of the struggle cat owners go through in life.

1- Your bed is their bed


If your cat, or cats, decide to sleep on the bed, they sleep on the bed! You could either find yourself a spot next to them, or go sleep on the couch.

2- Showers are blood bathes



Unless your cat is one of the few exceptions that enjoys showers, showering your cat means that you’ll get you hands, face, neck, and any visible skin scratched and you’ll look like you cut yourself.

3-Forget boxes!


If you think you could store stuff in boxes, FORGET IT! Boxes are theirs. All the boxes, no matter how tiny the box is. They’ll still fit in and take over it.

4-They hate anything you get them


Now matter how many toys or beds you’ll get them, they hate it and will never use them.

5-Making the bed is a real struggle


No matter where your cat is, even if it’s dead, as soon as you start making the bed, she’ll jump right in and think it’s a game!

6-The food bowl always has to be full



If it’s not, they’ll start meawing and get all dramatic about it.

7-They sleep anywhere



…and there’s nothing you could do about it!

8-They will steal your food



Because they can!!

9-They’re attention whores


You can’t get too busy with anything, except for them. They’re more important than whatever the hell you’re doing.

10-They’re dumb!


Cats could get extremely smart when it comes to sneaky things, but when it comes to the obvious, they’re as smart as a flip-flop!

11-What’s privacy?



You’re changing your cloth? They’ll watch. Showering? They’ll watch. On the toilet? They’re watch. Getting intimate? They’ll watch. You have absolutely no privacy with them around.

12-You can’t have printers


Cats must steal papers coming out of the printers. It’s something in their DNA!!

13-They run around the house as soon as you sleep


Are they seeing ghosts? Are they trying to wake us up? Are they trying to annoy us? We’ll never know.

14-They are simply weird


They’re just weird and most of the time obnoxious…

15-But we love them!


With all the troubles they cause us, we still love them and couldn’t imagine our lives without them.


Go give your kitty a hug, and let them steal your food for the day. Here’s one last cute cats gif before we go!